O-Zone just got even better! Mini-Games and more!

We have to start planning for the wider restart of our industry. Unfortunately there is no button that we can just push and everything goes back to normal. We’re going to have to restart a lot of processes that we shut down very quickly and we need to begin to plan for this prior to reopening.

With this in mind, as a business owner you may be asking how do you go about preparing for the moment when the local government gives the all clear and you are asked to get your business pulling triggers, and counting cash again.

As business owners, we all put a lot of precautions into place as this pandemic was ramping up. You will want to keep the cleaning practices in place as well as customer interaction precautions, because until a cure or vaccine is found you will want to keep your team and your customers healthy and safe. We touched on cleaning, much more heavily in our cleaning Covid19 guide,if you missed it, you can find it here 

It's not all doom and gloom though, during the shut down, Zone didn’t stop working on making our equipment even better. Which will make that reopening a little bit sweeter for you, and the rest of our Zone Laser Tag Family.

Along side our release of automatic social distancing too our systems, we've added some other great new features.

The first great new feature set for our O-Zone systems is with our Video Bases. We’ve just added Minigames, which adds a whole new element to these awesome devices!  Now your players can play 3 cup monty, spin a wheel, or have a shootout with the bases interactive video!


The player can win power ups, points, or other effects from successfully beating Rodney in his games. These settings are very configurable and available in most games! If you’ve already got video bases on O-Zone simply update your software with the guide sent by your distributor to get these awesome new features today!

We've also updated the controls for our base devices. Allowing more options for you, to select their actions in any game mode! Along with of course adding in the controls for the new Video Base Minigames!


Our new base mode settings, allow you to set the bases to interact in new ways with the players! With our Outposts able to shoot pack at players who attack it, or be set to explode and disable all aggressive players near it after a short warning! These new features allow for some great new game options, and extra difficulty!