Inexpensive and free ways to keep your centre looking fresh!

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. The same goes for the guest experience at your business. You've probably worked hard to ensure that your customers are impressed with your business as soon as they set foot in your door.

But it's also important to make occasional changes to your establishment to keep the experience fresh for returning customers. Whether a customer is coming into your store for the first time in years or the second time this month, there are many ways to delight them on their next visit.

Keep your centre Fresh and updated

With some customers coming back to an entertainment store for the first time since the Covid lockdowns began 2 years ago, what better time than now to apply some of these strategies to refresh the customer experience.

The best part is that these strategies are inexpensive (or free) and don't take much time either. Here are the best ways you can freshen up your FEC without spending a lot of money:

  • Change the layout of your arcade. We'll start with a strategy that's completely free! If you have arcades, no matter how many, rearrange them. This could have a bigger impact on your establishment than you expect. The layout will feel like a whole new arcade to customers. Customers might even think you've added new games, even if they're the same games in a new layout.
  • Add elevations. Consider working in dimensions to your arcade, or attractions by building decorative enclosures (think small circus tent frames, and festoon strings) This is both cheap, easy, and effective at highlighting your best attractions, as well as making the arcade feel more alive!
  • Update signage and digital displays in the facility. Signs are a very easy way to give your facility a new look. You probably have signs all over your building with different messages. Consider reprinting those signs with new colors, fonts, logos, etc. If you really want to make a difference, consider using digital signage. It looks more professional and costs nothing if you want to change the content in the future.
  • Deep clean and repainting the walls. This point is pretty simple. It's important to make sure that the carpet that guests walk on all day stays clean and fresh. If you have the budget for it, renewing the carpet in your store will really impress your regular customers. Painting the interior walls with new designs, lettering or logos will also give your store a whole new look.
  • Lighting tweaks. Soft lighting, adding some extra lights, or lighting pieces is another great way to change the feel of the space, using straight and horizontal pieces can greatly effect on how people interact and flow through the space
  • Repainting the outside of your building. Impress your guests even before they enter your store. This will also catch the attention of many people passing by your building.
  • Changes to certain attractions. In addition to designing your entire store, you can also make small changes to your attractions. Examples include painting a laser tag arena, adding new props to your mini golf course, or making thematic improvements to make the experience more immersive for guests.

However, it’s important to note that these strategies are not a replacement for reinvesting in your facility. Long-term reinvesting is a necessity. But, if funds are tight, this is a way to create the perception of reinvestment.

Now take a minute and ask yourself, “Which of these strategies can I do at my business right now to impress customers and keep the experience fresh?

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