Customers, A-Z : Weekday Customers

Weekday customers include your dedicated Laser tag players. They normally are between 16-30 years old, have their own transport, have played many times before, and want to improve their skills of the game. These players respond well to events as well as a membership system and leagues. It is important that you have a variety of game options available for them, to ensure that they are not playing the same game over again and again.

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But it’s not just them, you also can target Students, Teenagers, and corporate groups into these sessions by use of targeted offers and promotions.

Key elements that appeal to these players include:

  • Membership features
  • Competition/competitive games
  • Team building games
  • Realistic equipment (Not toys)
  • Advanced functions, or special attractions
  • Interactions within the arena
  • Leaderboards/Scoring systems that drive competition/improvement possibilities 

This market doesn’t want your straight forward Team/Solo games that your weekend market are happy with, they want something more! To summarize, these guests want engagement, they want to improve their skills, and challenge (and beat) their friends and colleagues. They are here for fun, often at their own expense (unlike birthday parties for 90% of the guests!)

So it’s vital that you engage with this audience, and make sure they don’t get bored and find a new place to hangout. With just over 25% of your typical  traffic coming Monday-Thursday, and just under 50% in the weekdays if we include Friday, it should be clear why building this part of your business is key!

Weekday Customer Engagement Graph


The first and one of the most rewarding elements to tackle, is membership. From a business perspective, membership is a valuable and free vehicle for marketing, reducing the need to constantly seek new customers by enabling you easy access to your existing customer base.

One way, to quickly grow this is make sure everyone who enters your site is offered membership. Most of the more successful centres in the world all have a membership to player ratio of over 10:1.

A well thought out membership software and program should enable your regular players to develop their play experience to suit them, with custom names, avatars, weapons/inventory and more. They should be able to earn experience points as they play, along with be rewarded with achievements and bonuses for there games.

  • Non-members want what their friends have. Special prices, extra weapons, icons, rewards, access to the membership kiosk and invitations to special members nights. All reasons for them to join as well.
  • New members subsequently purchase games so they can access the new weapons and offerings, always in pursuit of more to catch up with their friends.
  • As soon as they’ve upgraded to a new membership level, the member is hungry to go further. They want the next level’s power-ups and abilities. They play even more games!
  • Competitive play with friends all seeking the highest score keeps players coming back. Especially with the ability to compare their skills and statistics against local players and the world!

Repeat Customer Play GraphicUnlock repeat play with the powerful features included in Zone’s memberships.
Whether it’s to progress through skill levels to unlock new abilities, explore advanced game types to hone their skills, obtain admiration in competition play or 
undertake challenges to collect Achievements, Zone ensures your customers always have a reason to play more games.