Designing an Experience : The Centre

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A successful laser tag attraction starts with your centre design, and a consideration for your market opportunities, along with a strategic focus on long term playability and repeat appeal.

Combining strategic arena design with your laser tag equipment and arena technology (bases, targets, mines, and designs), builds an attraction synergy that maximizes your customer’s experiences, and helps to diversify and expand your market opportunities.

With a completed build-out and a synergy between your l

aser tag arena and your laser tag equipment, you are able to offer a wide variety of standard and unique laser tag and arena games that appeal to a broad range of players and demographics.

It doesn’t stop there though. To make a successful centre, the whole building must be aligned, themed and well laid out to best optimize the facility. Here are some thing’s we’ve learnt about the way to layout your centre!

The Lobby

A key consideration is your area of first impression. Unfortunately, historically many laser tag lobbies were themed with a dark and imposing look to emulate their arenas. This, however, results in an unwelcoming and slightly disconcerting first experience for some guests!

It’s much better to decorate the lobby with a sleek modern look, with better and brighter lighting than the rest of your centre. Many successful centres decorate the lobby area to appeal to the 20+ demographic. Why? Because an eight-year-old will want to visit those cool places anyway, but an adult won’t want to be in a lobby themed for children. 

The wider centre

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When planning your FEC, one of the most important steps is to ensure the entire centre functions well, has a good flow for your guests, and consistent theming throughout. You want to have a clear plan for how you will serve your clients in a space where they feel welcome and enjoy visiting. Is the traffic pattern good? Will people feel overcrowded? These are all essential things to consider when planning your FEC.

Tie things together as much as you can. For example, if your arena is jungle-themed, try to run that theme throughout the centre to make your spaces feel connected. If this isn’t possible, create clear distinctions between areas.

For an in-depth look at what goes into a centre dive in here

If this all sounds too complicated, hiring a quality designer is an excellent option. A designer can help you create a set of distinctive spaces that flow, work well, and feel right for your customers. Zone also has a great team of consultants who can help you in this area, and remember to talk to each attraction specialist to learn each attraction's unique flow!

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