Designing an Experience : The Design

This includes the design of the Laser Tag Arena, where a lot of the secrets for success with laser tag are made or broken. This includes interactivity, lighting, sounds, theming, and playability. It doesn’t stop there though, even the lobby, counter, and flow areas count. Critical in the design is the ability to move large groups of people in and out of your attractions. Zone has a team of experts to help our customers with this, to make sure the puzzle comes together!

003 blog styleLayout, and theming of your arena and centre will have a massive influence on the popularity of your location. This is especially true if you have strong competition nearby. An effective design will create a stimulating environment that players connect with, which leads them to want to come back again and again, and tell their friends how much fun they had at your arena.

The secret to designing a successful arena is by involving people who are passionate about Laser Tag.

This can be achieved in two ways. Firstly by involving a group of expert Laser Tag players to work with your architects and builders and advise on wall positions, base layouts, etc. Ideally, these players should be familiar with the chosen equipment as each product varies on what design works best.

Alternatively, you can seek advice from the industry itself. Arena building companies generally include free design services with the purchase of a turn-key arena. Or, even better, Zone offers a complimentary arena consultation and design service with any purchase of a Zone Laser Tag System.

Zone is unique in also having a large competition circuit. Designing your arena to meet both the needs of your regular customers and the more competitive, will give you another edge over your competition. An added benefit, of course, being the potential to build a large recurring income base.

Multi-level arenas, quite literally add another dimension to the experience and are generally preferred for anchor attractions. The extra cost will always be appreciated by your players, providing more fun tagging, and new strategy options. However, the cost can be prohibitive, so weigh this up against your per m2 rent and total capacity for players to see if it’s worthwhile.

Half-height ramps create a similar effect at a lower cost but do not add to the floorspace available, unlike an actual second story!

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