Systems that keep your centre together, Booking Systems

Gone are the days when having a big book behind the counter is sufficient to run your store! Having an integrated online booking system that allows you to control all your different attractions in one place is essential for your success.

Without a system that allows you to control all your different spaces, time-based rules for attractions, and capacity management, it's not possible to get the most out of each attraction.

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A booking system that can talk to your POS system (or is the same system) gives you a wealth of information on your customers and streamlines your operations so that all that valuable data is in one place!

More and more, success in our industry is driven by building a customer database, a store of contacts to push advertising toward. And your accumulated data, so you can forecast future success and optimize your centre.

24/7 bookings

One of the main benefits of an online booking system is to give customers the ability to place their booking at a time that is most convenient for them. Using an online booking system, they can make their booking at any time of day or night, without having to worry if it's within business hours or not. If you think about it, customers are much more likely to make a booking in the evening, as unlike when they are at work, they will have more time to surf the internet at their leisure. Offer your customers an online booking system that is always open for business, and you stand the best chance at significantly increasing your numbers.

Past that, taking the booking system online frees up your staff from all those phone calls and inquiries that are more efficiently handled online.

Online booking systems can also save businesses time and money spent on admin. 

A number of processes that can be automated by software:

  • Checking your availability to avoid double bookings
  • Collecting customer information
  • Sending out emails to confirm a booking
  • Updating availability after a booking has been made

Automating these processes will allow you to spend less time on admin and more time on other essential business tasks.

Plan your resources

Using online booking software will also help you to plan your resources more effectively. For example, if you have 24 vests, the online booking software will clearly tell you how many bookings you have in each slot. This will make scheduling staff far more straightforward, as you will be able to work out how many people you need on and what slots you can let walkins and other guests come too on the day

Increase profits

Investing in an online booking system will offer an excellent return on investment, as it will help you increase the number of bookings you take and allow you to make a higher profit on your appointments.

The great thing about online booking forms is that you can also use them to upsell your products or services, advertising things like add-ons and extras to customers. These may be things that your staff would forget to mention if they were taking a booking over the phone during a busy period. Customers are also more likely to upgrade their booking and buy extras if they can do it online, as they will have more time to make their decision.

Creates a better guest experience

Guests today expect instant gratification. Thanks to the smartphone generation, people are hardwired to believe that anything's accessible in a matter of seconds. Meaning they're usually impatient if they ever have to wait on a slow loading website, busy phone line, or never-ending queue.

Online booking systems speeds everything up from booking to check-out. In just a few clicks, guests can book, pay, and sign whatever documents you need while getting a confirmation in their inbox right away. 

Not to mention, you can enhance the guest experience by adding personalization. Whether it's using tokens in your automated emails, showcasing relevant upsells, add-ons, and packages during the booking process or Facebook advertising, or giving guests the freedom to customize the message and total amount on Gift Certificates. 

Prevents cancellations and no-shows

When someone books online, with or without a deposit, they're more likely to feel on the hook to show up. And if they neglect to read your cancellation policy and let you know they can't make it, you've already got their credit card details on hand so that you don't lose money for a last-second empty seat.

Plus, with an online booking system, you can always set-up automated reminder emails or text notifications to stay in your guest's good graces, because we're all only human, and sometimes people forget.

Integrated with POS system

Avoid the need for multiple systems with an all in one booking system. Sell Food and Beverages, Merchandise and manage entry to your venue all through one simple user friendly interface, Zone has partnered and integrated with All in one solutions, which link the membership capabilities of Zone, with the POS systems.

Single point of truth data

By housing all your data in one place, you can learn more about your guests, there spend activities and where the foot falls are. With this data you can adjust rates, packages and deals to get the most out of every guest. Having your data split across POS, Bookings, accounts, Card systems, attractions and more and not integrated leads to too much noise in your data, making it harder to plan for success.

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