Systems that hold your centre together: Automation

KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid 

The highest cost associated with running an entertainment business is employing staff. FEC's have an advantage in that they can share staff between the different services, i.e., when one service is quiet, team members can help out where its busiest. Standalone Laser Tag Centers do not have that luxury.


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Successful standalone Laser Tag Centers work hard at being extremely efficient. They need to operate as smoothly as on a quiet day, as they do on their busiest, without requiring significant additional staff. Therefore, it's critical to ensure their time is used efficiently, and this is why Zone Laser Tag incorporates automation in all of our products. With the single press of a button, you can:

  • start the Laser Tag vests
  • begin playing music
  • operate lights in the arena
  • activate haze machines
  • activate responsive events in the game

Then at the end of the game, the system can automatically:

  • turns off lights, music, and haze machines
  • Turns on exit lights
  • announce the game is finished
  • displays the score on the scoreboards 

Zone Laser Tag systems ensure that your employees are being utilised to their maximum and not wasting valuable and costly time pressing extra buttons and flicking switches! 

It doesn't stop there though O-Zone control provides enormous flexibility to meet the operator's needs. You can easily adjust features such as game length, player settings, and more, all in real-time, via the intuitive, wireless control software.

O-Zone can control and adjust music in real-time, with automatic cross-fading to make transitions smooth, the ability to set playlists to game modes, or change playlists to suit specific player groups.