Four things to do now, to boost your revenue

Times sure are tough right now. 

With countless operators still not able to open their doors. Even if you don't have the resources to add any attractions at this moment, you should prepare a game plan for your centre for the future. This way, you will have a major advantage on your competition going into 2021, to take your centre to new heights exceeding your 2019 performance (We figure beating your 2020 one might be a little to easy a goal!)

Here's 4 things, that we think will help you boost your revenue up!

  1. Make sure your customers know how clean/safe your centre is
    What do we mean by this? That means have your staff cleaning consistently in front of your customers, which helps build trust and confidence that your centre is safe for them in our new environment. You can enhance this perception with clear signage telling your guests your practices, so even if they didn't see it cleaned they can trust it!  Of course having Wipes/Sanitizer stations  are a must! Communicate these practices and improvements on social media, so you can tempt people back in faster! For Laser Tag specific advice, checkout our cleaning guide

  2. Online bookings
    Still using manual systems? We could write a whole post on why online bookings improve your centre, but here's some quick highlights! Better control of capacity, to make sure you max out your centre within your local limitations. Know exactly how many guests you will expect in the next period to plan staff. Get a real time pulse on your centre, Covid's shown us clearly how we need to have the best data to know what to do with our centre, staff and where our $$$ come from. Having all your revenue, customers, bookings and more available at the touch of  a button.

  3. Personalize the experience 
    Have a glance at Amazon, or any of the other 100's of marketing emails you get each week. How many of them address you by name? Even if you're not interested in the product, don't those emails catch your eye? Let's bring that into our world. How do you leverage this? Use integrated software that can name the guest attending on the email, or send them personalized feedback/marketing based on their activities. If the software links to your POS send them codes/discounts based on spending habits/birthdays, or use your membership system to send birthday promos to the guests

  4. Gift Cards
    Every year people spend billions of dollars on gift cards, they are so popular, in 2019 in the USA 55% of the average shoppers gift budget was spent on them. In normal times 70% of gift cards are used within 6 months, which leaves to the floating balance of credit sitting about 10-20% of credit out, not yet used, giving you that cash early. Best of all, 6% of cards are never used. A few other key bits, 75% of guests, spend more than the card value. Shoppers are 2.5x more likely to pay full price for a deal using a gift card than cash or credit. 34% of shoppers say a gift card prompts their action/visit


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