Interactive Lighting, to enhance the experience

Zone’s immense laser tag experience is brought to bear on your arena lighting solutions.
Let us sort your arena lighting, from UV lights to arena effects such as haze, lasers, mood lights, all the way to white light, and incredible prestart/endgame effect sequences.


DMX lighting has always been the way to light up the atmospheric experience of your game arena. So why are we bringing up the obvious?

Now Zone’s O-Zone platform removes the need for expensive lighting engineers with our built-in PLUG and PLAY technology powered by Zone Intelligent Arena Control (ZIAC).

MOC2_tablet0002Options are limited only by your imagination!

Zone can make it even easier by providing and installing lights, speakers, and UV systems within your laser tag maze, alongside the laser tag system. Our in-house solutions offer the best lights available, fully pre-programmed into our ZIAC systems to make your arena blow your customers away.



Think areas of your maze changing colour as bases come under attack, the arena lighting changing depending on which team is winning, all effect lights changing to white lights at the end of the game, automated haze machines, responsive arena lighting and more. 

All of this and more is possible with Zone’s complete arena solutions, with UV ARENA designs and  interactive arena features  Powered by our O-Zone software.

Reach out and lets chat!