Spread your Risk : Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next step in immersive location-based entertainment and depending on how it’s implemented can either be a centrepiece to your arcade or a standalone long-form attraction. 002 blog style5

What’s the difference? For example, the Hologate Arena from one of Zone’s partner companies offers your guests an attraction experience in an arcade footprint of 25m2. With a library of exclusive short-form game content and a robust hardware platform. With over 5 million games played Holgate is the proven workhorse you’re looking for in VR. It’s a strong, signature piece attraction that brings the virtual experience into the physical world. This is   highlighted by an open-air construction, drawing spectators from throughout your center to take in the action on the large monitors above the playing space.

However, as virtual reality is a short-form attraction like laser tag, lasting less than 10 minutes, it’s not going to greatly impact your catchment area. That’s where the other main style of VR attractions come in; the long-form either free-roam or location-based attractions. Building your one location-based VR attraction with the available technology now very easy. All it takes is some rooms of approximately 9m2, each with their own VR headset, computer, and control system. Then, by using software like Springboard VR, you can run your computers automatically from a central location in your centre.

You can also take it even further with free roam VR. There are countless companies entering the market each with their own setup requirements. In general, you need to allocate space of about 150m2 for a small set up. Free roam VR however does tend to compete with Laser Tag, so it’s not a common edition to most laser tag businesses.

Due to the complexity of their operations, VR attractions generally need a dedicated staff member to run, so staff costs need to be considered. 

To find out more about Hologate, and other VR options, check out our partner pages for Hologate, or talk to our team