Ghostbusters VR, coming soon on HOLOGATE

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality announced a new location-based Ghostbusters VR experience developed by Hologate for its Arena and Blitz platforms around the world. It’s called Ghostbusters VR Academy and it will launch across 400 venues across the rest of this year, available as two different experiences, one on Hologate, and one on Blitz

The experience is described as a “fully immersive training simulator broken up into two distinct games, set in the world of Ghostbusters.” As you can see in the concept art above, Hologate’s location-based VR offering involves one standing, roomscale-like experience (Arena) and a second VR driving simulator apparatus (Blitz), also pictured below inside of our Hologate Tower product.

For Ghostbusters VR Academy, the Arena section will let players “strap on their proton packs and work together as a team in high-risk ghost encounter scenarios.” For the Blitz section, players can use the driving apparatus to get behind the wheel of a new prototype flying ECTO vehicle. You’ll pilot the vehicle through the Ghostbusters universe alongside other players and “compete to see who is the fastest, most skillful driver in a high-speed ghostly race.”

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality will publish the experience across the 400 venues globally where Hologate experiences are available. That includes venues in 38 countries, including many across the United States and others in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and New Zealand.

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