10,000,000 Players in VR!

We’re excited to announce that we recently passed the 10 MILLION total player milestone throughout our network of virtual reality systems across 36 countries! An exciting indicator of the bounce back of our industry! It clearly shows that people were more than ready to get out of their homes and back to entertainment venues.

“Along with most companies, we too faced our challenges over the past year and a half. Through the resilience of our entire team and our ability to continue to innovate, we found ourselves emerging from the storm.” – Leif Petersen, CEO and Founder

The bounce back is clearly reflected in the player numbers.

“In the summer of 2021, we saw peak numbers at 450,000 players per month. This number represents our all-time highest recorded number of player activity across the hundreds of our partner venues across 36 countries.” – Leif Petersen, CEO and Founder

Our HOLOGATE ARENA was the first compact multiplayer VR system to be introduced to the market, quickly became the most successful and attributed to the lion share of the 10 million player total. It should also be noted that this unprecedented milestone had been attained in just two and a half years of being operation, not counting the time during the global pandemic.

“Much of our success has been attributed to being pioneers in the location-based virtual reality industry and our company-wide mission to create social play, escapes from reality, and creating powerful long-lasting memories of good times with friends and family and always exceeding guest expectations.” – Leif Petersen, CEO and Founder

Following our overwhelming success with the ‘ARENA’, we further pushed the envelope by developing the ‘BLITZ’, a fusion of virtual reality, motion simulator, and futuristic virtual craft to explore virtual reality worlds. We had once again pioneered a new attraction for the location-based virtual reality industry which further changed the LBE landscape and keeps us on the radar of operators around the world.

Most recently, Hologate formed an extended reality entertainment franchise that features food & beverage and our immersive entertainment systems for urban entertainment and retail spaces.

Hologate opened the first of its kind, state-of-the-art, 1,200+ m² immersive entertainment franchise location, ‘HOLOGATE WORLD’, which is the largest extended-reality entertainment space in Germany and is located at the new and modernized 22,000 m² Urban Experience Center FLAIR in Fürth, Germany.

In addition to a bar, lounge with food service, and indoor and outdoor gathering areas, HOLOGATE WORLD is featuring the latest of our virtual reality systems, brand new futuristic mini golf, technology-driven escape rooms, and a competitive esports arena.

Next to our ‘ARENA’ and ‘BLITZ’, HOLOGATE WORLD will be featuring two brand new products, HOLOGATE ‘X’, their next-gen free-roaming VR adventure platform, and ‘HYPER GOLF’, their fusion of miniature golf and digital arcade experience.

HOLOGATE ‘X’ and ‘HYPER GOLF’ will be available for global distribution later next year.