Brief your guests anywhere!

With all the spatial requirements on our industry right now, briefing your guests in traditional vesting rooms is hard! So we've made it easy and added the option to brief your players right there on the phaser screens. Taking advantage of the large screens, and crystal clear phaser audio expected from Zone Equipment.

As with all our content, the phaser briefing video is available in any of the languages that come with our equipment, and changeable to the guests preferred language per vest at the tap of a screen. If you want a more traditional briefing video for the large screen, or scripts for your operators to use, check out some of what we offer here

Another way Zone makes it easy to operate in this new Covid normal is with our automatic social distancing controls, available on all Zone's O-Zone Systems. Zone Packs can now automatically detect and enforce social distancing rules in game. With configurable distance controls and warning effects to make it seamless. Check out the more on the Patented Social distancing features here