Customers A-Z Party to Profits

Parties are the perfect way to not only increase revenue at your Family Entertainment Centre, they’ll lead to more party bookings via referrals in the future, if the celebration is a success. So where to get started with making these your bread winner?
party to profit

One of the best (and initial) things you can do to ensure the success of your parties are to make them affordable! Don't price yourself out of the market or make your potential guests feel uncomfortable when inquiring about booking with you. Ideally, you’ll want to allow all of your party packages to have standard options that each come at a price point you are comfortable with. After that, what they choose to add on is up to them.

Make sure you always have a list of what’s advertised as included in each party package handy, as well as the featured add-on options. As the event venue responsible for giving your customers the experience they expect, you never want to over promise, and then under deliver.

Having the list handy, or the bookings made in a way that can create an automated task, allows both you and your staff to see items that need to be regularly ordered, stocked, and placed where they’re easy to get to.

With your party pricing, you ideally want to make the pricing at 3 levels, appealing to all customers types, from those who want a simple quick but great party, to those wanting a more extensive event! This pricing strategy also known as the popcorn model, is a fantastic way to increase upsells within your centre. But in this case, it means your parties don’t have to be reserved for only guests with “deep pockets.” You have the ability to help your customers create lasting memories at multiple price points.

Having specific items to be brought on top of the packages such as cakes, games or other changes is another great way to lower the price of the main event, then add extra with add-on costs, let your guests know that these options are to make their life easier and they will bite!

We will delve into how to market your party, and strategies on how to upsell them from all your funnels in a later course, but for now, let's jump in with how to execute the party!

To pull-off a flawless event, make sure to check well in advance that all items purchased as part of the booking have been ordered and delivered. You can use the checklist in your facility management software to make this process seamless. Or have it clearly laid out on easily accessible guides for your team.

When guests arrive at your family entertainment centre, have staff available to welcome them immediately and guide them to their event space. Attention to detail and offering small extras that they didn’t purchase or request goes a long way in exceeding guest expectations. Even little things like offering the key party parent a free coffee/drink to make there time enjoyable make a huge difference!

Go above and beyond the “norm” to make parties at your FEC incredibly memorable events and you’ll end up with more positive reviews than you ever expected to come from a single event. By exceeding there expectations, you can turn every single guest into one of your brands representatives.