Spread your Risk : Benefits of Party rooms for your entertainment centre

In the majority of cases, birthday party rooms are a great addition to your centre. In some, they can be the key reason for success. How many you have is dependent on the size of your facility, and how many parties you can host at a time. There are, as with everything, some expectations.

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Rent, as previously mentioned laser tag and entertainment are often in malls, however, the rent in a mall can be very high. Paying for the extra space to have party rooms may make them impractical! 

Culture, some cultures prefer to celebrate birthday parties at home with family instead. 

Age of your market. Laser tag appeals to a wide range of guests, but in some markets like Germany, there are tight age regulations on who can play. Laser Tag is also new to many countries. Statistics show that when Laser Tag first enters a new market it will initially attract an older clientele. Since birthday parties aren’t generally held in play environments after the teens, the need for party rooms may not be there until the market is more established.

In established markets, party rooms are much more essential. In the USA, research showed that almost 50% of customers coming to Laser Tag facilities were coming to celebrate a birthday party or special occasion. So depending on where you are looking in the world, you may want to increase your room count even higher!


So you want party rooms, now what?

These are the rooms where groups and parties will spend a good deal of time at your facility, so you have to continue the general feel and theme of your facility in to these areas.

Some operators have the option to do either single party rooms or larger party areas where multiple parties can take place at the same time. In our experience, party parents and group leaders will choose party rooms over larger party areas almost every time.

Party rooms are generally around 4 meters by 5.5 meters (about 13 feet by 18 feet) or so and use a 1.2 meter to 1.8 meter (about 4 feet to 6 feet) table, or pair of tables, to fit nicely in that size. This provides seating for around 10 to 14 guests and some room for a small counter or bench space with drawers and basic storage for the party host. Multiple single party rooms can also be placed next to each other, closed off by double doors or sliding concertina walls, which can subsequently be opened to create larger party areas for corporate or larger group functions.

An increasing number of facilities are now including options like projectors and screens for presentations, along with network connectivity and buffet style food preparation from the sites kitchen to cater for larger, more professional, events. if you're looking at making them more multipurpose, Small fridges and microwave ovens are often essential accessories