Spread your risk : Escape Rooms

In the last couple of years escape rooms have exploded in popularity, and that growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They are great add-on attractions for a lot of reasons. First, and most important, is the experience. The purpose of any entertainment facility is to provide amazing experiences to guests. Those experiences come in many different forms (most often in the form of attractions).

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Escape rooms allow for a truly unique experience. Each escape room has its own theme and storyline, and guests are completely immersed the moment they step inside. There’s something so memorable and gratifying about working with a group of friends or colleagues to solve the puzzle and beat the clock.

Space is at a premium for entertainment operators, and so a big factor in any new attraction is its footprint. This is another area where escape rooms excel. Each storyline experience uses only 40-100 M2. This means you can generally fit them in around other larger attractions, or create a small group of rooms to fill a larger space.

Space is one thing, but what about revenue? A typical escape room experience is around an hour-long, with about a 6 person capacity. Again, the magic of the longer, immersive experience comes into play with the length of the attraction adding to your potential catchment area. With the average price to play at $30 per person, this becomes a lucrative attraction with a great ROI.

A key thing to note, if you want to add escape rooms, you should install at least 2 different escape room storyline experiences. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, each experience has a low hourly capacity compared to other attractions so it allows a higher throughput. Additionally, it allows for immediate repeat play. As anyone who has played an escape room knows once you play a particular room, you won’t want to play it again.

If you want to learn more about escape rooms, check out one of our partners Mystery Labs who have years of experience with the development, running, and turnkey installation of successful rooms.