Erik Guthrie, Executive Vice President, joined Zone Laser Tag 20 years ago on March 1, 2003 and now celebrates 20 years in his capacity as Executive Vice President.


Zone Laser Tag has grown to become the largest, and oldest laser tag manufacturer, with offices all over the world. Erik is frequently visiting laser tag locations all over the world promoting the success of all laser tag operations.

Erik writes a column for RePlay Magazine; been a contributer to both Funworld Magazine and BCM Magazine; been a speaker at every major industry trade show; been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine and even appeared on an episode of Storage Wars.

Erik has sold more laser tag systems than any other sales person in the industry. This has been done through a consultative approach and helping to maintain the standards of a fun and profitable experience for all. Erik heads up the International Laser Tag Day program as well as the Laser Tag Convention on behalf of the industry

Update; Erik retired in November 2023 post IAAPA for health and personal reasons.