Are You Your Own Customer?

When was the last time you played laser tag in your arena? How often do you play? When did you hold your own team-building event in your center? Also, do you stand outside and listen to customers as they come out? Do you have a friend “secret shop” your laser tag experience? Have you considered why someone would hold an event there and if they’d come away satisfied? What are you doing to make the birthday kid feel special? I’m barraging you with all of these questions to get you thinking. 

If you want to maximize the success and profits of your laser tag arena, you need to be your own customer. It’s not rocket science. If you play your own attraction and get closer to your customers, you’re going to know if you’re offering the best laser tag experience: one that brings them and their friends back. 

What We Don’t Want to Hear I hate to be negative, but lately and more and more often, I’ve heard from fun center operators –– bowling center operators, trampoline parks and so on –– that their laser tag sales aren’t what they hoped (or should) be. In fact, because I’ve been hearing this for a while, I decided to address it directly in my presentation at this year’s Bowl Expo. My message was that laser tag has been marketed, particularly by the arena-building companies and consultants, as a “set it and forget it” attraction. And, the problem is that people are forgetting! This has everything to do with game experience. The laser tag experience is not memorable because it’s not set up, run or managed right

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