Who's Your Champion

What sets high-earning laser tags apart from all the others and why are some bowling centers doing $800,000 or $1,000,000 in laser tag sales while others are only doing $150,000?

There are a lot of variables, but higher-earning centers all have some form of dedicated staff member –– even as far as full-fledged managers –– for their laser tag. These are people whose only job is to work the laser tag and oversee its operation. As an example, Dave Haness of Country Club Lanes in Sacramento, Calif., has a wonderful employee named Rhoda Tabaka who’s been the laser tag manager there for some time and the result is that his bowling center does nearly $1,000,000 in laser tag sales annually!

Think about this: If there are a bunch of other laser tag centers in your market –– and there pretty much is today –– they’re typically all suffering the same pains. The guy who comes along and starts to promote laser tag as an experience –– and makes his center special –– is going to win. The key to making more money lies in how you market and run your laser tag experience.

Remember, laser tag is different from any other attraction you have in your location. A customer isn’t going to know everything about what your laser tag center offers. It’s up to the staff to educate them. But, the key question you need to ask is whether your staff even knows all they should. For example, in my Q-Zar location in Toledo, we offer 54 different game formats! How can customers know about them if the person running the attraction doesn’t?

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